Michelle Dallacroce “Kicked to the curb” by ARIZONA DACA FANS!

I Michelle Dallacroce, with MADWoman Radio, THE MICHELLE DALLACROCE RADIO SHOW, will NOT BE the “MC” at that event on March 4th, 2017 as previously advertised! Obvious the 1st Amendment does not apply to people who want to hold our politicians feet to the fire before they do something STUPID and THEN IT’S TOO LATE! Riders USA Barb Heller AZ- March 4 Trump/Spirit Of America

The point I’m making is that President Trump who was “once” boldly quoting President Eisenhower in March of 2016, concerning how he was going to send all the illegal aliens back! NO EXCEPTIONS, including those that where protected by OBAMA! NOW is appears that he has classified the illegal alien kids that we call DACA as a “special class” who are “untouchable”. And because I OPPOSE ANY FORM OF AMNESTY FOR ANY ILLEGALS, many people who follow me on Facebook have decided that contrary to their previous strong opposition, have decided, to become COMPASSIONATE and HAVE A HEART! I have been asked NOT TO “MC” the event on March 4th, 2016 for Trump here in Arizona because they WRONGLY ASSERT that I appose Trump! When what I do is APPOSE ANY KIND OF AMNESTY! MOST of the people who don’t want me to be the MC, apparently are perfectly happy with ONLY SENDING THE CRIMINALS BACK! And MOST of THOSE PEOPLE, have “absolutely no skin in the game” other than what they heard coming out of President Trump’s mouth! They are NOT LEADERS! They are SHEEP!

Those of us that have been involved in this issue for 10-15 years, UNDERSTAND the ADVERSE IMPACT that these DACA kids, AND anchor babies brothers and sisters, and ILLEGAL ALIEN PARENTS have on the NATION and OUR AMERICAN KIDS! And it is NOT GOOD!

SO, I will NOT BE the “MC” at that event on March 4th, 2017 as previously advertised! For details and insight as to what is going to happen at that event and afterwords, you can tune into my Radio Show, on MADWoman Radio, The Michelle Dallacroce Radio Show every Sunday on the Deplorables Internet Radio. http://michelledallacroce.com/


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