YOUR ACTION IS NEEDED! Dreamers are not Babies they are ADULTS on Defense!

LOOK at THESE DACA (Dreamers) who twittered ME! IF YOU THINK sitting back “waiting” and NOT VOICING your OPPOSITION to President Trump about his position on DACA is NOT IMPORTANT NOW, then let me explain this to you.   These “IN YOUR FACE” Dreamers see NOTHING WRONG with there presence in the USA and are READY to go TOE to TOE with you to fight to stay in OUR COUNTRY ILLEGALLY and then getting AMNESTY! I have more faith in my fellow American, and my fellow Veteran to FIGHT against these (ADULTS who are DREAMERS -DACA) they are NOT CHILDREN! You can see right here! Please help HOLD POTUS Trump’s feet to the FIRE ON THIS! They MUST ALL BE DEPORTED as he promised in March of 2016, to RESCIND DACA!

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  1. My daughter’s ex mother n law looked and acted like a saint,sheand her husband,cleaned churches here in Oklahoma,would make trips to visit family, turned out they were picking up drugs,my daughter got addicted and had her bills,and needs met by those folks, she tried to tell me, I didn’t believe her at the time..she has since divorced,the in-laws are currently in prison, the son,a Dreamer,also his nickname, is somewhere,they have many friends,they payed for services,in all walks of life..I have two grandchildren as a result..but it is a underlying problem.

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