In 2015, POTUS “T” was for what can only be described as a “Designed Amnesty” – entitled “MERIT SYSTEM”

POTUS-T “warned YOU” that he was a “big believer in the MERIT SYSTEM” for Illegal Aliens.   For millions of Americans, A MERIT SYSTEM is AMNESTY!   When  politicians allow Illegal Aliens to remain in the USA, while they create and design a “more equal justice system specific for the Illegal Alien” a category of aliens,”that is” a Designed Amnesty!   In 2015, by way of a “MERIT SYSTEM”, then Candidate Donald J. Trump was testing the waters, TESTING YOU,  on his wording to grant legalization to Illegal Aliens (the good ones) just as the GANG OF 8 attempted to pass for illegals to remain in the USA,  if “THEY WHERE NOT THE BAD ONES.”

Candidate Donald Trump’s Merit System was not received well by anti illegal immigration hawks who had been fighting this battle for decades and he very rarely spoke of his MERIT SYSTEM after July 2015, nor did we hear him speak of a MERIT SYSTEM at his rally’s.   Clearly, it was kept hidden,under wraps, in the shadows until @ November of 2016, on the Hannity Show, where he once again spoke of a Merit System.   At The State of the Union, President Donald J. Trump, unveils for the FIRST TIME as President, his MERIT SYSTEM for illegal aliens.     Few specific details have been disclosed and we are still waiting to hear what his new plan is for those who he says would qualify under said Merit System – “the good ones!”

JULY 27, 2015 – post @ POTUS “T” discussed MERIT SYSTEM


@2:45 – July 24, 2015: POTUS on the MERIT SYSTEM:…/trump-border-security-first-try…/

“We have to get the bad ones out. Then the other ones — and I’m a very big believer in merit system. I have to tell you. Because some of these people have been here, they’ve done a good job. You know, in some cases, sadly, they’ve been living under the shadows, etc. etc. We have to do something. So, whether it’s merit or whether it’s whatever, but I’m a believer in the merit system. If somebody’s been outstanding, we try and work something out.”

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